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About Us

At 'Lernrr', our mission is to democratize learning and create a 'Career Ecosystem' accessible to each one of us. 

With Lernrr, we intend to provide you a learning platform to access the best-curated content for niche topics from across the web to build in-demand skills. And all this for FREE!!

No more boring and monotonous courses. The courses on Lernrr lets you learn from different media types, at your own pace.


With the rapid evolution of technology, continuous learning is more important than ever. In this era of abundant information & data, we often overlook the very objective of learning i.e Career Development. 


Ever wondered why learning has long been projected as an independent activity when in reality, it is tightly coupled with career development?  We at Lernrr are trying to change that to bring you one step closer to transform your 'Career', not just your 'Skills'. 

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